My name is mazen when i was young i was amazed from games like mario,PUBG and NFS games and i asked myself a one question:HOW? and the trip began when i was 9 i used alot of game engines like:unity,blender ,godot,clickteam fusion but my favorite one was clickteam fusion but there was a lot of problems like:no tutorials,you can't make online games,the theme is uncustomizable,and it's hard to make some easy things like player scrolling so i tried to search for some softwares like clickteam and there was two options:construct and the special one GDEVELOP but i chose gdevelop because it is free and it is updating a lot and the advice of that is:construct(3) and gdevelop(5) and after that gdevelop rescued me from all of those problems + it gave me some additional features and im now making a new game called Moro dodge and finally this is A BIG THANKS FOR ALL PEOPLE MADE GDEVELOP AND ALL PEOPLE SUPPORT IT AND MAKE TUTORIALS ABOUT IT.

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