Hello company it's been a long time since I'm in this server and I realize that I never introduced myself. well me it's Alain-Bernard . I'm from Ivory Coast and I live in Abidjan, Cote d'ivoire my time zone is +00, the time I spend on this server is really great I discover new things the community is very active and you are all great I touched my first video game at 6 years old and I dream of creating one for 10 years I'm 22, I finally decided after my BAC and I'm not disappointed, I love the musical art, visual more precisely the drawing the illustration and above all the video game that's why I try to touch all that I like that allows me to be a little versatile. Now I'm a trainee in game programming and game design and GDevelop 5 has accompanied me in all my journey to university. Thanks to me there is a new branch in my university which is Gaming, we are a small team of 30 people, I develop business projects and I do free lance with GDevelop now.

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